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The Other- Half 39

Ruki walked out of his bed and into the bathroom. It has been three weeks since he was saved and brought here and he has healed greatly. His relationship with Kai and Aoi was going along smoothly. Neither of them were jealous accept Aoi, but that was occasionally. Ruki walked out of the bathroom feeling refreshed and clean. He walked toward the bed but slipped and almost fell, but a pair of hands caught him and helped him up to the bed. He looked up to see Shou. 

[Read]"What are you doing here?" Ruki asked.

"I'm here for Tora."

Ruki looked at the flowers that were in a chair that weren't there before. Ruki pointed to them.

"Are the flowers for him?" Ruki asked. 

"Oh.... Um..Well....Actually-"

"You don't have to explain to me. I approve of your relationship. Just know he can get more than a little obsessed. Like a fangirl who just found out her dream man moved down the street from her."

Shou laughed.

"Ok. I'll look out for stuff like that." Shou said through his laughter.

"I'm serious. He's kind of crazy. I'm going to even help him get a therapist. He really needs to get help."

"And I'll be there the whole time. Looking out for him and making sure he has everything he needs."

Ruki settled himself on the bed and looked up in thought.

"So, when did you start liking Tora?" 

"I liked his appearance when I first saw him. Even though he was almost dead and looked as if he was broken in every way. He looked like a broken angel. So ever since we arrived here I visited him every time I have the time. Which is usually every night."

"I hope he doesn't scare you away when he wakes up." Ruki joked.

" I know he won't. He could be a violent psychopath and I would stay."

"I wouldn't stay if my boyfriends were that crazy, but that's just me."

"Yeah. Well see you later. I have to go see if Tora is going to wake up. If he does it'll be great."

"Ok bye. If Tora wakes up then tell me so I can properly apologize."


Shou left the room and Ruki tured on the tv. He got bored so he decided to text Aoi.

Hey, can you bring me my laptop when you get off of work? It would really help me when I'm bored: Taka 

Ruki held onto his phone and decided to walk around to see who else would be in there. He got up and walked around the wet spots on the floor, when he was outside of his room things were clean and smelled nice. He walked into a room which he thought was the waiting room. No one was in there so he decided to check other rooms. 

He walked into the first room in sight and saw a little girl on the bed with half her face burned. He walked in the room and sat next to the girl, she looked like she was around the ages of six and nine. Her long hair was dying to be washed but by the way she was breathing, she was also fighting for her life. 

He didn't want to even think about what she went through. Or why she was even here, but he wanted to help her. So to help her he refilled her cup of water, gently fluffed her pillow, and went to the cafeteria to get her some pudding. When he walked back in her room with the pudding cup and a plastic spoon, she was awake. He walked slowly towards her and placed the pudding and the spoon on a small bed sized tray. Then put the tray on the bed.

"Thank you." She managed to say.

He smiled.

"You're welcome."

His phone vibrated and he looked at it.

Of course, I'll just take a little longer than usual.:Yuu 

 Ruki looked at the text and tried not to get upset but he got upset anyway. Longer? What did he have to do that would take a little longer? Grabbing a laptop and a charger was surely not one of those things and Kai was working. Unless he lied.

Ruki kept thinking these things until he forced himself to stop. He needed to trust them both equally. He looked at the girl on the bed and smiled.

"You are very handsome." She said.

He smiled.

"Thank you. You are adorable."

She frowned and her voice was strong and full of hidden emotion, way too much emotion for a girl her age.

"Don't lie to me. I know I'm ugly. I know that I will always be ugly. Don't lie to me because liars get nothing but death around here. It's either death or success and in your case I don't see success in your future if you lie to me." She said.

He frowned.

"I'm sorry. But I'm not lying. The part of your face that isn't burnt is beautiful and I bet if you had the time to wash our hair it would be beautiful too."

"Thank you." 

"You're very welcome. So, if you don't mind, can you tell me what happened to your face?"

"I'll just tell you the whole story."

"But you don't even know me."

"Yeah, but you aren't one of the men I have to look out for, plus I really need to talk to someone." She whispered the last part. 

Ruki wanted to ask who would be after her, but he decided to hold that off for another day.

"Ok, what happened."

She opened the pudding cup and got a big spoonful and put it in her mouth, looking like she was contemplating how to start. 

"I guess you can say it started when my mother married some thug type guy who I never liked. They would get in all kinds of trouble with some yakuza's and my mother would always be the one to get them out of the trouble. Well she dumped the guy and married the leader of the clan that wanted that thug my mom divorced dead. After moving in with them nothing was ever great. Well not between my mom and I, she was either fighting with him or she was going down on him. And I've accidentally walked in on them more than I needed to. I wasn't close to anyone, but my mother or my step-father. And my biological father was never in the picture so that left very few people to actually talk to. Then I met a guy, but I can't remember his name for the life of me, and we started becoming friends. The problem with that is his grandfather was murdered by my stepfather. So when his family found out who I was everything went straight to hell. My only friend assisted his father, brothers, and some other people with burning down the house. And of course they get it from the inside and hop out the window. But they poured gasoline on my face...and  this happened." She stopped and her head fell into her hands. 

Ruki got up from the chair and hugged her. She cried harder and leaned onto him, hugging him back. He soother her hair, trying to calm her.

"Don't cry. I'm sure things will get better."

"No they won't. My mother left me. She left with him and she didn't even leave a note or anything. Not even a 'bye, move on without me'. She just left without saying anything. She didn't even hug me. Not even when we were with the thug." She cried harder.

"She wasn't a mother then. She was just someone who happened to give birth to you while still mixed up in her own selfish life." Ruki said, calming the girl.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. I'll be here for a few more weeks. I'll even visit you when I'm out."

She sniffed.

"Thank you, but I don't want to be a burden."

"You won't be a burden."

She sniffed again.

"Will you come by tomorrow?" She asked.

"Of course. Why do you ask?"

"Because you seem like a good person and I don't want you to leave."

"Why would I leave?"

"Because that's what everyone seems to do."

"Well, I won't let you go off on your own. You're just a child."

"Thank you so so so much." 

He tighten his arms around her. His phone vibrated and he saw that it was Kai calling him. He answered the phone.

"Hey Kai." Ruki said.

"Hey nothing, where are you?" 

"I'm still in the building if that's what you're worrying about."

"No, it's just I'm in your room with Aoi and we both thought you'd be here."

"Oops, I'll be there." 

"You better be here. We're waiting." Kai teased.

"I'll be there soon. Bye."


Ruki put the phone away and looked at the girl. 

"I have to go in my room, I'll be back tomorrow. Okay?"

She sniffed.


Ruki walked to the door and turned around. 

"Sorry, I forgot to get your name." Ruki said.

"It's Himawari." Himawari said.

"Sunflower, I like that. It's beautiful like you. My name is Takanori but people call me Ruki."

"Cool name. I'll see you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow."

Ruki left the room and walked back to his room where Kai and Aoi were talking to each other but looked up when Ruki entered the room.

"Where were you?" Kai asked.

"I met a girl here and we started talking. She's seems nice." 

"A over or under 18?" Aoi asked.

"Under." Ruki said raising an eyebrow, he smiled when Aoi sighed out of relief.

"What is her name?"  Kai asked.

" Himawari." 

"That's a pretty name." Aoi said.

"It is." Kai agreed.

"I really want to help her." Ruki said.

"Help her?"  Kai asked.

"She needs someone to look after her."

"Can we adopt her!!!???" Aoi asked giving a cheeks smile.

"We can't just straight up adopt her. You don't even know what she looks like." Ruki said.

"But I really want a child." Aoi whined. "I'd make a great house wife." He smiled.

This was going to be a long discussion. 


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May. 10th, 2012 03:26 pm (UTC)
Still wItimg for my Shora...but that was sweet. Poor little whatsherface, i hope they help her
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