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The Other- Half 40

After Ruki told them her story, he felt accomplished. He felt like he helped get her story out and that would help her get a home. He didn't even know the girl so he thought adopting her was way out of the question. Kai and Aoi looked at each other, then back at Ruki. Kai cleared his throat.

[Read]"I understand why you want to help her. But what if this is all some sick plan that she was apart of. Maybe she doesn't know what she's doing, maybe she planned the whole thing." Kai looked at Aoi. " Now if you really want to adopt the little girl that you know nothing about, I could do a background check for you."

"That would be great." Aoi said.

"Ugh, where's my laptop Aoi?" Ruki asked.

Aoi grabbed a case that was in the corner and gave it to Ruki.

"There you go. I gave you some CD's, some movies, and other stuff."  Aoi said.

"Thank you so much. You are just so awesome."  Ruki said.

"Oh stop it you." Aoi said as he put a hand on his cheek.

Ruki opened the laptop and turned it on. As he did this Kai took something from the inside of his jacket and gave it to Ruki.

"I want you and Aoi to watch this." Kai said.

"What is it?" Aoi asked.

"It's something I think you should both watch. Well Ruki more than you. I want him to know the dangers of dating a Yakuza boss. It's something that can be a luxury, yet it can also be a curse, something that you want to take back. I don't want you to end up regretting anything."  Kai said softly.

" I won't change my decision Kai. Nothing will make me change my mind about you . If I can deal with Uruha and still be here with you two right now.... there's nothing that could make me leave you in the future, unless I find out you were some kind of rapist."  Ruki said as he tried to hand the CD back to Kai who rejected it.

"I really want you two to see it. I want you to know the dangers of this. I would hate for you two to get hurt." Kai said.

"We won't. If you're not with us, I'm always there to protect Ruki." Aoi said.

"Just watch it. Please...for your safety?" Kai said.

" Fine, but I'm telling you I don't need to watch it." Ruki said.

"Just watch it. You just need to know about what can happen." Kai said. 

"Have you seen what could happen?" Ruki asked.

"I've lived it. I actually have a few dead lovers."

"So can't you tell me from experience?" Ruki asked.

"I could. But you need to see it with your eyes."

"Or you could tell me."

"Why do you have to be difficult? Just watch the stupid video."

" Oh. Now the video's stupid. I thought it was important for me to watch. If it's so important then why did you say it's stupid?"  Ruki teased.

"Just watch it."

"Don't worry. I'll make sure he watches it." Aoi said. 

Kai smiled.

"Thanks, I'd hate for him to not see what he's about to get into." Kai said.

"And in return for making Ruki watch this. Can you look into adopting Himawari for me?" Aoi asked.

"I would, but I would at least like to see the child before I try to adopt her." Kai said.

" What room is she staying in?" Aoi asked Ruki who was busy with his laptop.

" It's either 203 or 204." Ruki said before surfing the internet.

"So please check up on her. I would love that and you would too. You just don't know it yet. Maybe if you say you know Ruki she'll let you talk to her." Aoi pleaded.

"That won't work. With what has happened to her, I don't think she would believe you. And honestly I don't blame her. I'd be the same way, if not worst." Ruki said, grabbing the CD in Aoi's hand and putting in into his laptop.

Kai smiled. 

" I grab you something to eat, you need something. After practically bleeding to death you should be eating more, but you're not eating enough." Kai said before leaving.

Ruki turned and faced Aoi with a sneaky smile.

"I hope you know I'm not about to watch this." Ruki said.

"I would. It would be really stupid to not watch that." 

"But I already know that I won't leave Kai and he should know that." 

"But you have to see it from his perspective." 

"Which is?"

"Everyone he has had any kind of relationship has either been shot to death or skinned alive."

"Not us."

"But you were close. Do you know how much blood you lost?" Aoi asked getting upset. 

"Does it matter? " Ruki asked.

"Of  course it does. Because if you would have died then not only would Kai go nuts but I would have lost the best person in my life. Do you want that to happen? Do you want me to go so insane that I commit suicide? Do you want Kai to go so crazy that he becomes a murderer?" Aoi cried.

They stayed silent for a while before  Ruki said cleared his throat.

"I didn't think about it like that. I didn't think I had a big impact on you two. I still find it hard to believe-" Ruki was cut off.

"Well believe it because it's true. That is one of the very few things that I'm sure of."

"But you'd have Kai and he would have you."

"But we wouldn't have you." 

" But Aoi-"

"Don't 'but Aoi' me. Watch that video."

"Only if you watch it too."

"Ok, we'll both watch it. " 

Aoi sat on the bed and moved around until he was comfortable. Ruki put the CD in the laptop and waited for program to show up so they could watch it. Once it popped up, Ruki though about how stupid it was that they were going to watch it, but he would rather watch it and get it over with than not watch it and have to hear Aoi and Kai fussing about it. 


AN: Sorry about the short story. It would have been longer but I'm stopping here because I'm going to be on a pretty long hiatus. If I have any readers I'm sorry for this, and I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear my life story. But my life has been falling apart and cracking while others around me have been living it up, so while I get my life together I will not be typing.

To be honest... I don't think I'm going to finish.


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